The Delaware Public Health Institute (DPHI) is a collaboration between founding partners, Public Health Management Corporation (PHMC), Pennsylvania’s public health institute based in Philadelphia, and the University of Delaware, College of Health Sciences (CHS). DPHI is the first and only public health institute in Delaware. In 2021 the Delaware Academy of Medicine / Delaware Public Health Association entered into a strategic alliance with DPHI to introduce and develop new programs and educational opportunities for professionals or all types.

DPHI is recognized by the National Network of Public Health Institutes (NNPHI) as the first institute of its kind in Delaware, due to the unique partnership between the University of Delaware, College of Health Sciences, a state leader in healthcare innovation and education and Public Health Management Corporation, an existing public health institute. DPHI was developed in recognition of the fact that many health needs and services cross state lines between Delaware and Southeastern Pennsylvania. PHMC’s alignment with other agencies serves as a model for the growth of multi-sector partnerships in the development of PHIs.

Current Activities

Delaware Household Health Survey Data Release Event Slides

2022 County Health Rankings for Delaware Released
Delaware Public Health Institute (DPHI) is a state lead agency to distribute the Delaware County Health Rankings results. According to the 2022 County Health Rankings, released by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) and the University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute (UWPHI), Sussex County ranks the healthiest in Delaware for health outcomes and Kent County is the least healthy county in the state for both health outcomes and the health factors that contribute to them. Delaware rankings are available at

On March 7, 2022 Delaware’s first Chronic Disease Public Health Conferencewas convened by DPHI, the Delaware Academy of Medicine/Delaware Public Health Association, with support from the Division of Public Health, Quality Insights, Grail, and We Work for Health – Delaware.